Industrial Assets Are on Track for 2021

By: SiiLA México

According to SiiLA México, 44 industrial properties will be delivered during Q1 2021, totalling approximately 800,000 sqm, located in the following markets: Mexico City, Monterrey, Tijuana, Aguascalientes, Ciudad Juárez, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí and Querétaro.

The main industries in those markets include transportation and logistics in Mexico City representing 30% of occupied space, vehicles and parts in Monterrey with 18%, in Querétaro with 30%, in San Luis Potosí with 60% and Ciudad Juárez with 70%. The electronics industry accounts for 25% of the occupation in Aguascalientes.

Of the new deliveries, five developments stand out given their magnitude:

The first of these deliveries is a 71,000 sqm class A industrial park development by e-Group, located in the CTT submarket of Mexico City. It’s the fourth phase of twelve that Tepoz Park is planned to have.

The second is the Campus Tijuana RSMG, a class A industrial complex located in the Centenario submarket, which is still under construction and will deliver its first three stages: E1 with 56,000 sqm; E2 with 18,000 sqm and E3 with 30,000 sqm.

The third is Los Olivos Stand-Alone Industrial, a Class A industrial building, developed by Prologis, located in the Cueros de Venado submarket in Tijuana; it has a gross leasable area of approximately 35,000 sqm, which can be occupied by multiple tenants.

The next outstanding delivery is Vesta Guadalupe, located in the Guadalupe submarket in Monterrey, a Class A industrial park with a 27,000 sqm area.

Last but not least, is La Laguna Industrial Park, developed by O'Donnell. It is a Class A multi-tenant industrial complex located in the CTT submarket of Mexico City, with a delivered area of approximately 31,000 sqm.

2021 sets a positive outlook for industrial asset, which continues 2020 trends. In the 43 submarkets monitored by SiiLA México, at the end of 4Q20, industrial assets had an average occupancy rate of 96%. Certain factors that will affect Industrial’s growth in 2021 include the implementation of the USMCA, which boosts different industries; Nearshoring, opening the possibility of receiving investments from Asian companies, as well as the growth of e-commerce and logistics solutions, especially those oriented towards the "last mile".

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