São Paulo will get a “New York” styled square, luxury shopping and new businesses

Rafael Birmann, 68, from Rio Grande do Sul, stirred up the São Paulo office market in the 1990s by developing “triple-A” buildings around the city, a classification for super-luxury commercial addresses at the time. He built skyscrapers in Faria Lima, where businesses like JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank are now located. In the early 2000s, indebted and embroiled in the rise of the US dollar, Birmann practically went broke. Saved by a partnership with Ricardo Baptista, son of the founder of Aché, he now returns in high style.

After seven years of construction, the businessman opens the B32 (above), on the corner of Avenida Faria Lima and Rua Leopoldo Couto de Magalhães, one of the most expensive intersections in the country — the land had been the last property left for Birmann after he paid the creditors. The new set consists of a very high standard commercial building (Facebook is moving there), a square with 100 tables and 400 mobile chairs imported from the US (they will be placed on top of the blue mosaic in the photo above), a new restaurant Asian by Arri Coser (founder of Fogo de Chão), called Dasian, cafes and a theater with new technologies in the city.