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JSL profits R$33 million, down 22%

JSL, the logistics company of the Simpar group, released its balance sheet for the first quarter of 2022, with a net profit of R$ 33 million, representing a margin of 2.5%, the company said in a statement. Excluding the effects of amortization of the acquisition price allocation, the adjusted gain reached R$ 37.2 million, with a margin of 2.9%.

The result had a 22% decrease compared to the same quarter last year due to the increase in financial expenses, but with higher operating margins, he said. "We act in two vectors to neutralize the effects of the increase in inputs: negotiations with our customers and efficiency in reducing operating costs", said Ramon Alcaraz, CEO of JSL.

From January to March, the company recorded a 47% growth in gross revenue on the same basis of comparison, totalling R$ 1.5 billion. If annualized, it indicates around R$ 6.2 billion in revenue. Net revenue from services was R$ 1.3 billion, up 49% over the same quarter. "The evolution of indicators since the IPO shows the success of our strategy", says Alcaraz.

JSL informs that it closed the quarter with R$ 700 million in new contracted revenues, with an average term of 40 months. The sectors that contributed the most were pulp and paper (30%), food and beverages (26%) and steel and mining (12%), specially dedicated operations (52%) and cargo transportation (34%).

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