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Kaizen a Unique Project for the Industrial Market of Querétaro

By: SiiLA México

Kaizen, a word that means "improvement" in Japanese, refers to a series of continuous improvements made in the family, personal, or social context, and has even been adopted in the industry as the well-known "Kaizen method". Without a doubt, improvement is the promise brought by an industrial park with the same name, Kaizen Industrial and Commercial Park, which began its construction on September 26, 2019, in Colon, Queretaro. The mixed-use project has an area of 520,000 m² and was developed by Construye Industrial.

Seventy percent of its total area is destined for industrial use, while the rest will be for a gas station (which will provide gas, premium, diesel, natural gas and electric power); a hotel with 150 rooms; a shopping area, with restaurants, self-service stores, pharmacies and a large anchor store; and an office building that will have a "Call and Data Center". Likewise, the industrial area will have the first vertical building for the lightweight industry in the state, with storage plants for mini-warehouses.

It is a unique project: the first industrial park with a LEED certification in the state. Its relevance is also due to its location, which will bring more activity to Queretaro's Intercontinental Airport and the Peña de Bernal. Also, it will provide more than 1500 permanent jobs at the end of its four stages of construction, when more than 150 companies will be installed. The investment to carry out this project was 8 billion pesos and will provide growth, innovation and development to the surrounding region.

According to SiiLA Mexico, from Q3 to Q4 of 2020, the percentage of available space in the market increased from 4.91% to 6.34%, mostly due to the deliveries in the park, representing a total of 84,118 m² delivered.

These are the first two Kaizen deliveries; the project is expected to be completed in 2023, and will attract transformation and investment to Queretaro.


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