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Learn more about the São Luiz building

The retrofit process has drawn new attractions to the development

The São Luiz building is a property that is part of the Barzel Properties portfolio located in the JK region of São Paulo and was launched in 1995.

After undergoing a retrofit, much has changed inside and outside the 14-story development. São Luiz is an example of how this process can be vital in certain situations.

Barzel carried out the project with the property's partners (Kinea Imóveis Investimento and Tellus Empreendimento).

The walls around the building were removed, making public the landscaping project by Roberto Burle Marx present on the ground floor. Among other changes, the centralization of the reception and the renovation of common areas and elevators stand out.

In addition, the development now has new public spaces with an Oba chain of supermarkets and a coffee shop inaugurated on the site. This semester, the venture will inaugurate a unit of the Iulia restaurant, present in the Jockey Club of São Paulo.

The retrofit was completed in November 2020. At that time, vacancy in units owned by Barzel was 30%. Today, with the new São Luiz, the vacancy of these units has dropped to 2%, according to Barzel Properties.

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