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Logistics condominiums are living a good moment

Since the end of 2019, the logistics condominiums are experiencing a period that should be celebrated. The combination of the growth of e-commerce, driven by the pandemic, with the contribution of funds from investment funds, created a scenario that allows for successive records in the indicators. For most experts, not even the increase in the Selic rate and the cost of construction should affect the expansion of business, at least in the next two years.

Today, Brazil has 17,997,394 square metres of logistics condominiums with 86.95% already leased. The numbers include constructions in categories A+, A and B (varying according to the degree of technology they offer) and SiiLA (Latin American Real Estate Information System) Brazil. “São Paulo still concentrates most of the inventory, with 9,868,500 square metres. But other regions of the country are advancing in the number of square metres available”, according to the CEO of SiiLa Brasil, Giancarlo Nicastro.

The increase of the area built in logistic condominiums has national characteristics. During the first quarter of the year, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais (especially in Extrema) and Bahia also received new developments, adding new 48,038, 11 thousand and 52,529 square metres of area, respectively. In São Paulo, there were 103,110 square metres of new inventory, informs Nicastro, from SiiLA.

For SiiLA, the good moment extends, at least, until 2023, “because we have a huge repressed demand concerning the distribution of goods. Manaus, for example, only has three logistics warehouses. Pará has only 40 thousand square metres of logistics. E-commerce is here to stay and brings many opportunities”, says Nicastro.

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