Logistics multinational Pitney Bowes announces change focusing on smart solutions


Pitney Bowes, a multinational specialising in logistics solutions, has exclusively told SiiLA newsroom that its Business Service area will be renamed Smart Solutions.

According to the company, the change intends to reflect an intelligent ecosystem, providing customers with intelligent solutions tailored to their needs. Facebook, B3, Banco Pan and Danone are already some of the customers of Pitney Bowes' solutions.

The new area will give customers more management, flexibility, control and organisation of orders, documents, packages and objects. According to the announcement, customers can still choose between systems, services and people dedicated to their business model.

Pitney Bowes' solutions include a parcel tracking system, smart lockers, package and parcel transportation and others.

According to data from SiiLA's Market Analytics platform, Pitney operates in a module of the Multiple Business Condominium 3, located in Barueri.