M. Dias Branco opens first commercial office in SP

Owner of well-known brands such as Piraquê, M. Dias Branco is a company with over 60 years of history in Fortaleza (CE). Recently, the food company announced the opening of its first commercial office in the city of São Paulo.

The company's new space was designed in a coworking format, with an architectural project designed to provide integration, well-being, and comfort for employees.

Part of the Marketing, Investor Relations, Commercial, Logistics and Supplies teams will be in the office permanently. At the same time, the design will allow the environment to receive M. Dias Branco professionals from units throughout Brazil based in the capital of São Paulo for business meetings, events or fairs.

The new space has 230 sq metres and is located in the Edifício Nações Unidas Condominium, located in the Berrini region of São Paulo. According to data from SiiLA's Market Analytics platform, the development is a class B, with 7,050 sq metres of total private area and has among its main occupants the company Libercon Engenharia.

In addition to the corporate office in the capital of São Paulo, M. Dias Branco also has 15 industries and seven wheat mills, with units distributed across 9 Brazilian states.