Mall Kiosks and Food Courts Still Struggling to Recover to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Although mobility levels have been increasing as pandemic-related health measures have subsided, food court and kiosk units in shopping malls are still struggling to recover.

According to SiiLA, a commercial real estate market analysis platform, during the last quarter of 2019, kiosks (also known as "islands" in Spanish), which refer to premises in the middle of shopping mall aisles and measuring between four and 10 square meters, had an occupancy rate of 97 percent. By the first quarter of 2022, around 65 percent of such spaces are occupied.

"We have seen that the availability of these spaces continues to be high if we compare it with the rest of the stores; the impact is not very noticeable because as they are small spaces, it does not impact so much on the availability rate and, therefore, on the flow of shopping centers," said Alejandro Delgado, Country Manager for the consulting firm, in an interview with MILENIO.

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