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Meet the new stock of corporate buildings in São Paulo


With the end of 3Q22, let's talk about the latest inventory of corporate projects delivered in the last quarter. In all, three new projects are located in São Paulo, two in the capital and one in Campinas.

Sky Galleria

We recently talked about the Sky Galleria here at SiiLA Insights, which was delivered in late August. The rated A+ development is located in Campinas. With corporate slabs that can be split into sets of 250 sq metres, 500 sq metres and 1,000 sq metres, the asset has a private area of 13,203 sq metres.

Platina 220

This is another venture that we have also talked about here. Being the tallest building in São Paulo, at 172 meters high, the Platina 220, which was delivered at the end of September, is located on the east side of São Paulo, in the Tatuapé region and is a mixed-use rated as class B, mixing corporate and residential with 12 floors dedicated to offices, totalling an area of 11,000 sq metres.

Bravo! Paulista

Also delivered at the end of August, at the centre of São Paulo, in the Paulista region, it is rated as class B with a private area of 5,756.53 sq metres. With 14 floors, the slabs have an average of about 359 sq metres.

Want to learn more about it? Check our Market Analytics and access updated data on the Office market in the regions monitored by SiiLA.

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