Meor Consolidates its Industrial Warehouses Project in the States of the Country

At the ribbon cutting of this new HubsPark Tijuana, whose land has an area of 80,000 square meters (m²), of which 40,000 are for construction, Meor's Director of Industrial Projects, Jonathan Pomerantz, indicated that the development of the new space exceeded the expectations of development times, since it took almost a year.

"It has a privileged location, 15 minutes from the Otay International Gateway, with high connectivity and added value, and will be part of a network of industrial parks in the main markets of the country. It will also contribute to the accelerated economic growth of the region, since it is located right in the middle of a highly populated area, which will turn it into a direct source of employment," he said.

The executive pointed out that the construction of the new industrial park should also be taken as an indicator that there was an adequate demand dynamic and that regulatory support for permit management was also generated.

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