Mercado Livre and Americanas negotiate a Distribution Center in Ceará

While the announcement of the inauguration of Amazon's new Distribution Center is awaited, the Secretary of Economic Development of the Government of Ceará, Maia Júnior, reveals that he is already negotiating with other companies the installation of new centres.

"One of the secretariats focuses on commercial activities and strengthening and creating jobs in wholesale and retail, for this we regulate e-commerce together with Sefaz, and we are seeking to bring distribution centres to Ceará", he explains. According to the administration, Magazine Luiza, which already has a distribution centre, will have an even greater area. Negotiations are still taking place with Mercado Livre, Lojas Americanas and the Ceará company Zenir.

The expectation is that each DC will create an average of 500 jobs, considering that they are regional distribution centres and not just local. "The difference between this current administration and the previous ones is to look at all economic activities: agribusiness, industry, commerce and services. The work carried out and focused on generating employment and preparing the economy of Ceará with intelligence, know-how, innovation, current technology and research, prioritising the economic chains of the Ceara speed 2.0 program," says the secretary.