Mercado Livre expands its logistics with two new Distribution Centres

Mercado Livre has just announced that it will have two more fulfillment-type Distribution Centers (DC), in Franco da Rocha (SP) and Belo Horizonte (MG), by 2022. Later this year, the e-commerce company also announced that it would have 26 more Service Centers throughout Brazil.

As a result, Mercado Livre will double its logistics infrastructure, with more than 1.2 million square metres, 72% of which (875,000 square metres) will correspond to fulfilment operations (dedicated to the storage of sellers' products and processes ranging from receipt of the order until delivery to the end customer).

According to Leandro Bassoi, Logistics Vice President at Mercado Livre, the company will have eight fulfilment distribution centres and more than 100 last-mile centres by the end of 2021 – from the current 80. This entire structure will allow the company to expand deliveries by up to 1 day to 2,100 Brazilian cities.The delivery acceleration plan also includes 17 Cross Dockings – a distribution and storage system in which products received by a CD are sent to their destination without the need for storage, more than 100 Service Centers and 3 thousand Mercado Livre branches. Mercado Livre also informed that the DCs of Governador Celso Ramos (SC), Cajamar (SP) and Extrema (MG), both inaugurated in July, are already in operation.

According to data and statistics from SiiLA Brasil, in the last year alone, Mercado Livre alone absorbed 98,316 square metres of logistics projects within the state of São Paulo, in Cajamar, Guarulhos and Piracicaba.