Mercado Livre expands its reign in Brazil, focusing on the country and the 'lag' of competitors

According to analysts interviewed by Mover, with Amazon's focus on expanding into other countries and the Shopee's formal delay and quality of service, the Mercado Livre rule in Brazil's e-commerce does not yet have a date to end.

Logistics and capillarity are the keywords to understand the Argentine company's dominance in the Brazilian segment: Mercado Livre has more than 12 million sellers, or sellers, registered in its marketplace in Brazil.

Its physical infrastructure in the country exceeds 1.2 million sq metres, distributed across eight distribution centres and 17 product transfer centres, in addition to 80 last-mile storage centres.

With this, the Mercado Livre is able to carry out more than 94% of its deliveries without depending on the postal services – on which it depended until 2018 – and, in 2,100 cities across the country, deliver products in up to one day, reaching 75% of the total.