Mercado Livre offers same-day deliveries in 100 Brazilian cities

E-commerce technology and financial services company Mercado Livre announces the expansion of same-day delivery to 100 Brazilian cities. The expansion aims to add to the same-day delivery to 2,100 cities (which corresponds to 75% of deliveries) and two days to 4,700 cities in Brazil (covering 90% of deliveries).

The expansion is part of the result of the investment of R$ 17 billion in the country, announced by Mercado Livre in the first quarter. In addition, the company has already announced the opening of four new distribution centres in the State of São Paulo, increasing its daily logistics transaction capacity to more than 2 million packages and expanding its logistics infrastructure to 1,029 km in fulfilment operations – in which the company is responsible for the entire logistical process.

“Our mission to democratise e-commerce goes directly through logistics by offering faster delivery throughout Brazil. In the first quarter of 2022, around 54% of full mode deliveries were made on the same day. This shows us that the consumer trusts the deadline we commit to, which motivates us to continue working on the development and innovation of our products and services to improve from the logistics and storage fleet to the largest assortment and expansion of categories”, according to Gustavo Pompeo, Director of Logistics Operations at Mercado Livre.

The company currently has its own fleet comprising 51 electric cars, 3,000 trucks, 1,100 vans, three planes, 26 gas-powered trucks, and more than 13,000 vehicles operating in the last mile. In addition to having a logistics structure of 10 fulfilment distribution centres, one receiving centre, 17 cross docking stations, more than 100 service centres and 3,000 Mercado Livre branches across the country.