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Mexico is the country where e-commerce grows the most: Mercado Libre

David Geisen, CEO of Mercado Libre Mexico, affirms that 288,000 Mexican families obtain most of their income from the company's ecosystem.

"For the last three years, Mexico has been the country with the highest growth in e-commerce worldwide. In 2019, it grew by 35%; in 2020, it grew by 81% due to the pandemic. Last year, growth slowed but continued at a good pace: 27%".

Geisen states, "the e-commerce industry will continue at an accelerated rate in the country. We will continue to invest in infrastructure, specifically with new warehouses that we will open next year in different areas of the country. We will also expand our logistics network. Our logistics network delivers more than 90% of the platform's sales".

Read the full article (in Spanish)

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