Movida invests R$500 million in the division for ‘last mile’ deliveries

Faced with the accelerated growth of e-commerce, Movida is expanding the Movida Cargo operations, a car rental division focused on retail deliveries. The company has already invested R$500 million in the business, with R$30 million in the acquisition of a 100% electric fleet. The expectation is that the revenue of the segment will soon surpass that of transport via apps.

The division started to be designed in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. According to Movida’s CEO, Renato Franklin, the company was looking for new business and the explosion of e-commerce drew attention. After a study on the segment known as “last mile” – or “last mile”, the final stage of deliveries – Movida found the vehicles used in this link of the chain, mostly by individuals, were old and small. In 2021, the division registered 7,510 contracts, with revenues of R$20.9 million.

Strong dates drive rentals

The idea is to offer flexible lease agreements, including weekly and even daily: the longer, of course, the lower the price. Busy retail dates like Mother’s Day and Christmas are also appealing. Although the division serves retail giants such as Magazine Luiza and Mercado Livre and carriers, Franklin says that most of the customer base is made up of individuals – and the company has been adapting to serve this audience. Today, Movida Cargo is present in almost all states (except Roraima) with a fleet of over 2 thousand vehicles.

Movida Cargo acquired a fleet of 137 100% electric vans. According to Franklin, besides the image appeal – and currently the fuel price -, customers who rent zero-emission vehicles in São Paulo have the advantage of being exempt from the rotation and having an extra day of revenue a week.