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New Magalu distribution centre to be inaugurated in Rio Grande do Sul

Due to the growth of e-commerce in Brazil, many companies are investing in distribution centres across the country. We have seen many companies in the last few months trying to deliver goods as fast as they can.

Magalu, which has 1,300 stores in 21 states in the country, has increasingly invested in expanding its logistics network and consequently reducing delivery time.

With this, the company announced on the 9th the opening of another distribution centre in Brazil's southern region. Scheduled to open between May and June, the new facility is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with Gravataí as the chosen region. The company, which was already present in another business in Caxias do Sul, since 2006, intends, with the new installation, to give more support to the strong growth in sales of physical stores and e-commerce in Rio Grande do Sul. The company can exponentially increase same day and next day delivery, the main focus of the logistics area.

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