New warehouses total 1.1 million sq metres in the year and equal the number of 2020

The logistics sector has shown strength in 2021. Between January and September, the volume of new warehouses delivered reached 1.1 million square metres. It is practically the same number registered throughout last year, which was 1.15 million new square metres, according to data from the third quarter of the real estate information platform SiiLA Brasil.

Deliveries made in 2020 had already been above the period before the coronavirus pandemic. Over 900,000 square metres of new logistics warehouses were delivered in 2019. "We went through the first crisis in the segment, during the pandemic, and the sector proved to be very strong", details Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA.

With data collected in the third quarter of 2021, the country's total stock of logistics warehouses surpassed the mark of 19 million square meters.

"Vacancy has fallen quarter by quarter and, at the same time, the rate reduction has been encouraging new deliveries. Those were projects approved or in the approval stage and now end up having an extra stimulus to get off the ground", according to Nicastro.