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Nexpe launches Savye, its seventh real estate brand

Nexpe, formerly Brasil Brokers, launches this Thursday (5th) a new brand, Savye, just over a month after being announced. The tech company is focusing on laws aimed at the real estate market and helping it to comply with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

The undertaking is a partnership with Wibson, which has the technology to adapt companies of all branches to the legislation.

The new brand, the seventh for the holding, is related to the change in terminology: better known for its operations in the real estate sector, with the sale of new releases and finished properties, Brasil Brokers became a group and expanded its areas of activity within of the real estate segment. Thus, it created new businesses that have already taken the position of the company's flagship and are linked to the name Brasil Brokers no longer made sense.

Credimorar, a real estate financing intermediation business, is one of these investments. It started in 2017 and, last year, with the interest rate still favourable to real estate credit, it accounted for 59% of the holding's gross revenue and grew 60% in the annual comparison.

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