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Noah launches Brazil's first engineered wood project

The start of construction on the project is scheduled for April 2023


We've previously discussed Noah and how sustainability is vital for the real estate market. Noah is a startup that offers a solution for civil construction using engineered wood.

But what exactly is engineered wood?

It is a process of glueing wooden boards that are industrially processed to optimize their performance for use in civil construction. There are many questions about the strength of this material, the advantages of using it, etc.

Engineered wood is the result of an industrial process. This process gives the material high mechanical resistance to humidity and even fire. The self-protective nature of the charred wood layer increases the likelihood that a wooden structure will survive a fire. The advantages of using this material, in addition to a biophilic design, are the speed of the construction process, as the parts arrive ready for assembly and a silent execution. The company The project was created with six houses of approximately 400 sq metres, made of engineered wood, and have acoustic and thermal insulation. The project was named Arvoredo and will be located in Vila Madalena, west of São Paulo. "Arvoredo is unique from two perspectives: space and experience. After all, in addition to proving to the market that it is possible to build a charming, high standard and sustainable development from wood, we offer the resident the experience of being part of something completely new and technological", says Nicolaos Theodorakis, founder and CEO of Noah. Want to learn more about sustainable construction? Check out the chat between Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA, with Nico Theodoraski about Noah's projects.

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