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Offices: Rio de Janeiro gets new occupants

Two new leasing contracts were signed in corporate buildings in Rio de Janeiro last week. BTG Pactual, manager of the Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário FII Torre Almirante, announced through a material fact two new lease agreements in the Edifício Torre Almirante located in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

According to the statement, the contracts total the lease of 2,146.10 sq metres of leasable area, on the 26th floor and part of the 28th, for a five year period. The administrator also informs that the leases should positively impact the fund's revenue. The new tenants had not been disclosed, but SiiLA found that one of the tenants operates in the Transport and Logistics sector.

According to SiiLA's Market Analytics platform, the Torre Almirante Building is a class A, delivered in 2004. The development has 34 floors and more than 38,000 sq metres of private area. Currently, the WeWork co-working network is one of the main occupiers.

In recent days, Rio Bravo Investimentos has also released a material fact informing the signing of a lease agreement for sets A, B and C on the 2nd floor of Internacional Rio, a building located in the Orla region in Rio.

The new occupant will be Visagio consultancy, a platform focused on business development. Rio Bravo also informs that the lease corresponds to 675.68 sq metres, approximately 46% of the BOMA area of the FII's interest in the property, with a seven-year contract.

On the SiiLA platform, Internacional Rio is ranked as a B development, with 13 floors and more than 9,000 sq metres of total private area.

Recently, SiiLA's research team also surveyed new locations in Rio. One of them was the lease of an entire building, which belongs to the FII Dovel, by the Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro. In all, 8,160sq metres of Bay View, a class A development located in the Center region, were absorbed. Additionally, a company in the Health sector leased 2,400 sq metres of the Office Park Center, a class A, located in the Barra region.

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