Opportunities for the real estate sector presented at the Real Estate Show 2022

By Daniela Portillo, SiiLA

As part of the activities held at The Real Estate Show, organized by the Association of Real Estate Developers (ADI), an excerpt of the study "Analysis of opportunities in industrial real estate" was presented by Enrique Gómez-Serrano of Lens Consultores. This report is focused on those new players who want to enter the industrial sector and are looking for a smart place to place their resources.

It is well known that industrial assets have been the most attractive in recent years. Lens Consultores mentions that the growth forces of the industrial asset are, among others: the growth in consumption in the United States, the growth of internal consumption in Mexico and the boom of Nearshoring caused by the current geopolitical situation and the T-MEC.

The industries where an opportunity for these new players is observed, according to Lens Consultores, are: e-commerce, urban logistics spaces, refrigerated storage, data centers and life sciences. All these industries present a challenge for developers due to the additional requirements and adaptations needed for their operation that traditional players may find difficult to face, but that generate opportunities in the asset.

Source: Market Analytics, by SiiLA

With a low availability rate, good tenants and locations that take advantage of different geographic, social and economic advantages, the asset has reached 2.99% in its availability rate in the last recorded quarter and more than 72 million m2 of inventory in the markets we monitor at SiiLA. Currently, there are 5.5 million m2 under construction that could accommodate these potential industries and join the more than 6,000 companies occupying industrial space in the country.

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