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OXXO's ambitious expansion plan


São Paulo is known as the city that doesn't sleep, doesn't stop. OXXO is showing up in several corners of the capital. Operating 24/7, the shop offers convenience by selling items ranging from food to cleaning and hygiene supplies, including cold beverages and even the famous and beloved by many Brazilian a bakery.

Image: OXXO

With an ambitious expansion plan, the OXXO chain already has over 120 stores in Brazil, and the goal is to have 300 more units open by March next year. The brand was founded in Mexico over 40 years ago and is already present in other Latin American countries, such as Chile, Colombia and Peru. In all, the chain has more than 20 thousand stores.

To land in Brazil, the expansion was possible via a partnership between Raízen and Femsa, giving place to Grupo Nós. The first store was opened in 2020, in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo.The chain prefers regions with high population density to select locations for new units. In addition to the presence in the capital of São Paulo and Campinas, OXXO is also present in Osasco, São Bernardo do Campo and Piracicaba.

At this speed, OXXO's Brazilian operation is on track to outperform the operations in other countries where the network operates, being only behind the Mexican operation in a short time.

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