Paramis prepares the launch of real estate funds

Paramis Capital is preparing to launch real estate funds, consolidating the strategy of accelerating the asset management area established a year ago. The company's expectation, which has over R$3 billion in financial operations in the real estate sector, is to raise R$650 million in 2022.

"The year is more challenging. High-interest rates impact the real estate sector, and in addition to the uncertainties of the elections, the Russian war brings inflationary pressures. At the same time, it brings opportunities in the real estate sector", says Paramis partner Danilo Ribeiro. One of the funds is focused on illiquid assets and opportunistic situations, such as properties acquired mainly in judicial and extrajudicial auctions.

Recently, the fund bought high-end commercial rooms that were auctioned in São Paulo. The strategy is to leverage acquisitions by issuing real estate receivables certificates (CRIs).

Despite the more complex year, the target audience of professional investors, such as family offices and managers, is more focused on medium and long-term returns, unlike the retail investor, who primarily seeks a monthly income in the distribution of dividends, adds Ribeiro. The manager's main focus will be actively managed funds, targeting annual returns above 15% per year. Paramis is considering opening the funds to the general public in the future, but there is still no forecast.