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Platina 220: the tallest building in São Paulo with 50 floors will be ready in July

Two more meters were enough for the Platina 220 building in Tatuapé, East Zone of São Paulo, to overtake the emblematic Mirante do Vale in the city centre to become the tallest building in the city of São Paulo. With 172 meters high and 50 floors, the new development will house 190 hotel rooms, 80 apartments, 50 corporate rooms and 19 ground floor stores. The building is expected to be completed in July: only a few details remain for completing the construction. All corporate areas have already been sold.

Altogether, six new buildings are expected to reach this stretch of Tatuapé, close to Radial Leste, a section that became known as “Eixo Platina”. This axis is configured with the subsequent installation of buildings with residential, commercial and service slabs in the same structure. It is estimated that the construction company will invest 2 billion reais in the project, to be completed in 2025. Of the amount, half has already left the paper.

To get an idea of the movement in the surroundings, the vacancy of commercial offices in the region jumped from 4.6%, at the end of 2021, to 31.6% in the first quarter of 2022, according to a survey by SiiLA, a multinational data and commercial buildings analysis company carried out at the request of GLOBO.

The numbers still do not reflect the presence of Platinum, but they show the arrival of new ventures in the region. One of them, Crona 665, added 12 thousand square meters of corporate offices to Tatuapé. Like the giant, the Crona 665, from the same company, makes mixed use of the land, with commercial use and stores, hotels, and services.

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