RBR sees up to 100% gain potential in mall company shares

The famous financial market maxim that downturns bring opportunities never made so much sense to partners at RBR Asset, with more than R$ 6.5 billion under management, deciding to gather capital and invest in real estate assets discounted at Handbag.

Managers project a growth potential of up to 100% for some securities in the sector over the next three years, especially for the shares of mall companies, such as Aliansce Sonae (ALSO3).

To take advantage of the opportunity, the manager will launch the RBR High Convictions FIA investment fund next week, which intends to invest in cheap shares on B3. The portfolio will also feature real estate fund shares that offer good discounts.

"Almost all shares on the stock exchange recovered their pre-pandemic value, but shares in the real estate segment are still discounted", says Ricardo Almendra, CEO of RBR Asset. "As managers have a series of restrictions to invest directly in companies, the alternative was to create a portfolio to take advantage of specific market opportunities".