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Real estate funds register strong demand

Despite trade restrictions and the migration of companies to a work-at-home model, real estate funds (FIIs) registered strong demand in 2020, leaving a base of 645 thousand individual investors in December 2019 to 1.1 million in October, according to B3 data. The motivation is led by the drop in interest rates and the increase in the offer of products on the platforms of major brokerage firms. According to the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities (Anbima), in October, there were 496 FIIs registered against 453 products in December 2019. The number of accounts went from 1,944,297 to 3,420,051 in the same period. Due to the pandemic, the iIFIX (B3 index composed of 80 major funds) decreased by 12.1% in the year, but the prospects, according to the managers, are positive.

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