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Real estate funds rush to replace IGP-M

The acceleration of the General Price Index - Market (IGP-M), which has accumulated an increase of 33.83% in 12 months, led property owners and tenants to negotiate the change of the indicator as a reference in the readjustment of rental contracts by the National Index of Broad Consumer Prices (IPCA). Managers followed the same path and looked for alternatives to avoid scares in the real estate fund industry.

Even before Congressman Vinicius Carvalho (Republicanos-SP) presented the bill that establishes the use of the IPCA to correct rent prices (PL 1026/2021), in March of this year, professionals had already anticipated the risks that the increase of the IGP-M could present to the market. “Managers saw the cloud from miles away and began to manoeuvre the plane. If the “cloud turns into rain”, I think we could have isolated problems, but far from compromising funds and bringing irreparable damage,” says Marcos Baroni, chief analyst for real estate funds at Suno Research.

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