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Real estate market heating changes the face of Chucri Zaidan

Avenida Chucri Zaidan, in the south of São Paulo, has attracted the attention of companies and construction companies and has everything to be the fastest-growing region in the city.

According to SiiLA, (Latin American Real Estate Information System), Chucri Zaidan has the largest stock of offices in São Paulo. Among the high-end projects, Rochaverá Corporate Towers, WTorre Morumbi, EZ Towers and Parque da Cidade stand out.

Since 2010, when the then Odebrecht, now Novonor, bought a large piece of land and built a complex of six business towers, two residential towers, a shopping mall and a hotel, the region has grown a lot.

From 2020 to the present time, several companies have moved their headquarters to this and other building complexes. Novonor itself moved to the city's Park and foresaw the creation of over 6,000 jobs in addition to the current 25,000 employees it already has, which means a massive increase in people circulating in the region over the next three years.

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