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Registrations open for new SiiLA ACADEMY classes


After the successful editions of 2021 and the first semester of 2022 of the SiiLA ACADEMY, SiiLA is open enrollment for the new classes of the course, offered in the Logistics and Offices modules, from the second week of October. "We believe that the transformation of the commercial real estate market will come through education. That is the purpose of SiiLA ACADEMY, a professional course focused on the sector", according to Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA, who also lectures the course alongside other renowned professionals who joined as guest professors.

The course takes place online via Zoom. It has the last in-person class, which consists of a technical visit to a high-standard enterprise, where students can see in practice what was seen in theory in classes.

In the last edition, the visit of the Offices module was at Thera Corporate, at Berrini, and the Logistics visit took place at the Extrema Business Park. Check out how it went and see the students' testimonials in the videos below.

Classes are weekly, and in this edition, the Logistics module classes will be on Mondays, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm and Offices on Thursdays, at the same time. The lesson plan provides for the start of classes in the second week of October and the end of the course in the first week of December. In all, there will be more than 12 hours of content.

The first class of each module will be taught by the CEO of SiiLA, who has over 15 years of experience in the real estate market and works as a professor at Insper and Ibmec. The company's director, Murilo Marcacini, will also join as a professor, alongside other names in the market, such as Rossano Nonino, Executive Director of Fator ORE, Bruno Fonseca (Partner at Grow Real Estate), Bruno Ackermann (Partner at Cy. Capital), Philipe Águiar (Senior Analyst at Órama Investimentos), Tiago Alves (CEO of IWG in Brazil) and more!

Participants will receive a certificate of course completion and an e-book with a complete market analysis. Applications are open until April 27, when the number of places for each module is sold out.

SiiLA offers a 20% discount for customers and a 10% discount for those enrolled in both modules (non-cumulative). Complete information, as well as the programs of each course and values, are available at the link:

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