Renner wants to inaugurate up to 50 stores in 2022, says CEO

Valor Econômico

Renner's CEO, Fabio Adegas Faccio, said that the company will resume its investments in physical stores. "We intend to open between 40 to 50 physical stores next year", he said, considering that the group will continue to invest in the digital segment simultaneously.

The executive explained that the physical network ends up being a vital support network for the digital arm. "When we open stores in a square, the digital sale for that square increases by around 20 percentage points, apart from the physical sale that comes in", he said.He also presented good prospects for his credit arm, the Realize. Today, the group's total ecosystem has around 16.3 million active customers, while Realize has only 5 million.

In this way, Realize's base should continue to grow."We estimate that with more customers and more products, Realize will continue to play an important role in the ecosystem. Between 15% to 20% of Ebitda should come from Realize in our estimates", he said.retail resumptionFaccio stressed that the resumption of the retail sector has been very promising, with the group breaking several sales records on commemorative dates.

"In addition to a good recovery since April, we see the last quarter of the year at the same pace. And some events throughout this year that were very positive. We had a record Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Father's Day," he said.

According to him, on Children's week (week of October 12th), the group registered record sales, with 35% growth compared to 2019. He also gave optimistic signs with the resumption given the boost of vaccination, which strengthens sales in physical stores on Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year.

However, a challenge has been inflation, whose effects can be felt throughout the chain, particularly transport (with oil) and cotton."Inflation pressure has been great, yes. This has been pressing throughout the year. Impacts imported and domestic by the raw material. We keep working (to get around the scenario)," he said.