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Rent inflation rises 1.82% in January and accumulates an increase of 16.91%

The IGP-M (General Market Price Index), an indicator known as the inflation of lease contracts, accelerated again in January and changed 1.82% in the month. With this result, the index goes to 16.91% in 12 months, released by Fundação Getulio Vargas on Friday (28).

In January 2021, the IGP-M accumulated a high of 25.71% in 12 months. The monthly result was above that recorded in December when it rose 0.87%. Despite the greater variation in the first month of the year, the accumulated result is still decelerating.

Analysts consulted by the Bloomberg agency had expected an increase of 1.98% in the month, taking the index to 17.12% for a year.

According to FGV's Ibre (Brazilian Institute of Economics), the result in January was mainly influenced by the spread of wholesale price inflation, measured by the IPA (Broad Producer Price Index), which accounts for 60% of the IGP- M.

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