Retail giants are fighting on a daily basis for international delivery in Brazil

A few years ago, Brazilians enjoyed ordering products directly from China. Advertisements from websites in the Asian country invaded social networks, offering everything from kitchenware to wedding dresses, and many consumers surrendered to extremely low prices in exchange for much less exciting delivery times, which reached an eternal 60 days. Currently, what used to be a disadvantage has become the main attraction of the dispute of electronic retail giants by the Brazilian consumer who wants to shop internationally.

In just over a month, the international companies AliExpress and Amazon, in addition to the Brazilian Americanas, announced ambitious strategies to win this consumer. The most recent shot has just been taken by AliExpress, which reduced the delivery time for international orders from 12 to 7 days. The 12 days had been promised in May. Just a day later, Amazon revealed that it is willing to enter the fight for real and guaranteed deliveries within 11 days.

“This move shows the drastic increase in the appetite of companies, which are structuring themselves to gain more space in the local market. It also shows how Brazil entered the radar of these giants”, according to the COO of Gouvêa Ecosystem, Eduardo Yamashita, columnist for the Mercado&Consumo portal.

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