Retailers are focusing on the use of robots

The largest retail fair in the world, "Retail's Big Show", held in New York, showed that it is not time for fancy creations. Due to the pandemic, investments are in products that facilitate daily life and improve productivity.

Retailers seek 'down to earth' technologies to gain efficiency

"That age of science fiction has lost steam. The focus is efficiency, productivity and applicability of the initiatives", says Eduardo Terra, partner at BRT-Varese, who was in a presentation on the subject. According to consultants, initiatives have advanced to help companies anticipate problems and improve inventory management.

Within this concept, robots that select products in distribution centres stand out. There are from the simplest, which carry packages and interact with humans in the warehouses, to the 100% automated. Another robot, by Avid Bots, sweeps and sterilizes environments with alcohol. It is capable of cleaning three thousand square meters per hour.