Return on commercial properties grows 2.46% in the 3rd quarter; according to SiiLA

The return on investment in commercial real estate increased 2.46% in the third quarter, according to SBI – Geral, an index that measures the performance of offices, logistics condominiums and shopping centres, developed by SiiLA Brasil, a platform for analyzing real estate market data.

The index, which compares the last two quarters of 2021, points out that the return on income from commercial real estate rose 1.52% and the return on capital gains, 0.94%.

According to the survey, the recovery of income from properties is attributed to the gradual reopening of the economy and the resumption of on-site activities. In points, the SBI – General reached 191.5.

Alone, the logistics condominium sector registered the best performance, with a return of 4.75% in the last quarter. During the period, the sector registered the lowest vacancy rate seen since the beginning of SiiLA's monitoring, reaching 8.95%.

The SBI – Geral also points out that the corporate slab segment is still undefined in the face of sanitary barriers and behavioural changes imposed by Covid-19.

Despite the uncertainties regarding the end of the pandemic and the return to the offices in person, the segment, which had been recording negative levels since the first quarter of 2021, closed the third quarter with an increase of 3.51% in São Paulo, the most relevant region for the segment.

Strongly impacted by the pandemic, the shopping mall sector closed the quarter with a negative return of 0.08%. In SiiLA's evaluation, the segment is still stable compared to the last quarter.