Rio Claro Logistics and Industrial Center delivers expansion and attracts new tenants

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With over 275 thousand sq metres of logistics warehouses, the region of Piracicaba is monitored by SiiLA's Market Analytics platform. As of the closing of Q2 2022 data, the occupancy rate in the area was over 76%.

The occupant profile mainly comprises electronics companies, followed by the vehicle, parts, and electric energy sectors. They are tenants with a different profile when we look at tenants in the State of São Paulo, where transport and logistics, retail and e-commerce players predominate.

One of the main developments in the region is the Rio Claro Logistic and Industrial Center, which offers an area available for lease at SiiLA SPOT and has just completed an expansion project. We have interviewed Belmir Menegatti, president of the Rio Claro Logistic and Industrial Center, to talk about the region's logistical and industrial development.

Recently, the project gained over 13 thousand sq metres of Gross Leasable Area (GLA), making the Rio Claro Logistic and Industrial Center now have a total of 80 thousand sq metres in GLA. According to Menegatti, there are plans for another expansion and a new project. "We already have projects approved to build another 30,000 sq metres, and we recently bought another area next to the Logistic Center and opposite the Rumo Logística railroad, where a Dry Port should be implemented," he said.

According to the company's president, demand is heated in the region. "In recent years, the annual average vacancy rate for the warehouses has been below 5%". Multinationals such as Whirpool, Nestlé, Purina and the GPS group (outsourced services company) are among the asset tenants. Menegatti revealed that the company is also preparing to get one of the world leaders in agribusiness.

During the interview, Menegatti talked about the company's commitment to the region, especially in the municipality of Rio Claro. "It was very daring to build the centre. We strongly believe that the region could have a company the size of ours," he said. According to the executive, there are still no plans to explore other regions: "Our objective is to do very well what we have here until the local areas are exhausted".

Classified as an A+ logistics condominium by the SiiLA platform, the Rio Claro Logistic and Industrial Center was delivered in 2003. The executive recalled how it all started: "The first land we bought here was in 2002, a small area of 15 thousand sq metres and today we have 240 thousand sq metres of land, in a well-located area. We are at the junction of the main highways, and Rio Claro is in the centre of the State of São Paulo, surrounded by highways such as Bandeirantes, Anhanguera and Washington Luís".

The executive highlighted security as one of the asset's most vital points. "We stopped increasing the built area to privilege customers from a logistical point of view. We have an area for more than 100 trucks and 400 cars inside the condominium. We have just tripled the size of our entrance hall, and we have a locker room system that sets us apart from other centres. Employees of the companies enter first through the locker room and then through the other accesses. We have interview rooms installed in the concierge so companies can interview candidates without having to show their operation," he said.

There are still 8,000 sq metres of preserved forest on the site. According to Menegatti, there are plans to install walking paths and benches so that the place can serve as a rest area after lunch.

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