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Rio ends 2021 with 37% of empty offices

Rio ended 2021 with 37% of its offices empty, showing unpublished data from the consultancy SiiLa. The percentage is by far the highest among the country's main capitals attesting to the level of degradation caused by the pandemic in a city that has suffered for years with economic setbacks.

The average vacancy in Brazil was 25.6%, still far from the 15% considered "healthy" by specialists. At the end of 2019, the rate was 16%, just before the pandemic.

São Paulo, the largest office market in the country, ended 2021 with a vacancy rate of 25.15%. But the most valued regions do not suffer from ths problem: on Av. Faria Lima, the city's new financial heart, only 5% of commercial slabs are empty.

The rate is also at 25% in Curitiba. In Belo Horizonte, one-fifth of the offices are vacant. In Brasília, the situation is more promising, with the vacancy at only 16%.

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