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Roche plans to return to the new headquarter's offices

Source: SiiLA Brasil

After over 50 years in Jaguaré, in the west side of São Paulo, the pharmaceutical group Roche is planning to return its 1,000 employees in Brazil to a new address, in the 17007 Nações -Torre Sigma project, in the Chácara Santo Antônio region.

In return, Roche expects to have 70% of employees circulating daily through the new headquarters and the other 30% in an alternate schedule. According to the company, the new office brings concepts that meet the group's global sustainability standards and align with the company's commitment to generating a positive long-term impact on society, customers and employees.

The work environment will have open spaces, with no fixed places for employees to have the freedom to choose where to set up the workstation and according to the day's projects and quiet zones for moments that require concentration.

According to SiiLA Brasil's third-quarter 2021 data, the new office occupies 11,709 sq metres, totalling five floors in the A+ class development, with more than 96% occupancy. In addition to Roche, Torre Sigma has other tenants such as Nestlé, Aon, Tim Brasil and Syngenta.

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