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SBI - Geral : the new index of income return and appreciation return

The SBI - Geral is available at, bringing the compiled performance index for offices, logistics condominiums and shopping centres.The SBI - Geral considers the three types of properties equally divided, meaning, every asset represents 1/3 of the index. "At SBI-Geral, the shopping centre was the factor that made performance vary -1.32% in the 2nd quarter of 2020, as it represents 1/3, and had a more grim quarter due to the COVID-19 pandemic," says Mr Giancarlo. "The cycle of the real estate market is long, and that is why it is necessary to look at different periods to see the trend curve and understand what is happening", he adds. From the SiiLA Brasil Index, it is even possible to compare the performance of commercial properties with other investments. "The graph below shows an analysis of the performance of the total return of SBI-Geral, in the brown curve, and of other variations, such as the dollar, CDI, among others", shows Mr Nicastro. METHODOLOGY For the SBI structure, SiiLA Brasil uses a complete compiled base of properties, with information collected by the research team in thousands of developments, so we can provide an efficient index to professionals in the sector. The index methodology contemplates several items, such as vacancy rate, the difference in asking price for the transaction, cap rate, among others. SBI BY SEGMENT SiiLA Brasil also offers, exclusively to subscribers, segmented performance indexes by type of property and region, such as São Paulo Offices, Rio de Janeiro, Logistics Condominiums and Shopping Centres.

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