Secovi Rio discusses the south of Rio de Janeiro scenario

The event took place on the morning of Thursday (29)


The corporate office market in Rio de Janeiro has been the subject of several debates across the country. The matter was discussed on Thursday morning (29) at Senac Botafogo, in an event held by Secovi-Rio, joined by Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA. "The region in the south of Rio, one of the most coveted, is known as the shortlist, as it is the region with the highest asking price in the city, reaching three digits", explains Nicastro. SiiLA monitors 26 buildings in this region, and the executive presented data and statistics from the region during the event.

"Within this scenario, there is a movement of migration to the south; an example of this is the company Reserva, which was positioned in São Cristóvão", adds Nicastro. Currently, the brand occupies four floors of the Visconde de Ouro Preto Business Center, a class A at Botafogo, in the south of the city. "This is just one, among several migration movements to the south zone, which signal the potential of the region has for lease", he concludes.