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Shared office? Find out more about Coworking

The service is ideal for both freelancers and companies of all sizes


On August 9th, is celebrated the International Day of Coworking. And to celebrate, let's get to know this service is growing every day!

What is Coworking?

Coworking emerged intending to share spaces for freelancers and companies of all sizes. In addition to sharing the total area, office expenses and resources also enter into the division between the occupants.

Shared office at Edifício São José 20, available at SiiLA SPOT

For the self-employed who cannot adopt the Home Office as a working model, this type of service is ideal because, in this way, the service provider does not have to deal with all the expenses of occupying an office alone.

Many startups have been adhering to this type of service precisely because of its cost-benefit to the company.Another reason that makes Coworking very attractive is the exchange of experience of professionals who share the same space and the appreciation of the networking that can be created in these properties.

Your origin

The term emerged in 1999, created by Bernie de Koven. However, it was not until 2005 that "Coworking" was used to determine a shared workspace in San Francisco, US. Software engineer Brad Neuberg and his friends founded the Hat Factory office and opened the door to professionals who needed a workplace and increasingly wanted to share their ideas.

Services within the Coworking

Within a Coworking space, several services are offered to occupants.

Private rooms: perfect for those seeking privacy, whether for in-person or remote meetings. In addition, depending on its size, a private room can even house a micro-enterprise.

Parking: Many Coworking spaces already have a parking lot for the space's tenants.

Internet: this item may seem basic, especially nowadays, but the important thing to emphasize here is the quality/speed of the service offered. Of course, the spaces provide internet, but if you work with large spreadsheets, video and photo edits, and heavy files in general, it is recommended to check the quality of the internet offered in the space.

Shared office located in the Tenerife building - Block A, available at SiiLA SPOT

Are you looking for a new coworking space for your business? Go to and search for Coworking!

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