Shopping da Bahia launches multipurpose complex


Located in the capital of Bahia, Salvador, the new multipurpose complex launched by Shopping da Bahia is scheduled for 2025, on the mall's 50th anniversary.

Managed by Aliansce Sonae, the multipurpose space will integrate various services, such as banks, stores, and corporate and residential buildings. The development will be at the Shopping da Bahia's surroundings.

In addition, the mall will also undergo an area expansion of 10,000 sq meters, which is also scheduled for 2025.

"This is the concept we call Master Plus, with developments around the mall, like a sustainable neighborhood, where you can carry out your day-to-day activities without using a car," says Mário Oliveira Aliansce's expansion and development director.

The project will have a total area of 150 thousand sq meters, with towers that will be interconnected to the mall but with independent entrances. Aliansce CEO, Rafael Sales, spoke about the project's expectations:

"We have the four most successful developers in the city, so this has everything to work out, along with the mall that will once again be the best Lifestyle platform in Bahia."

Shopping da Bahia

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