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SiiLA and RBR Asset welcome GRI Club guests to meet at River One

The event occurred in São Paulo, more precisely in the River One building, a class A+ property located at Pinheiros On Thursday afternoon (14th), SiiLA attended another GRI Club meeting to debate the importance of technology in the transactions of commercial assets. Lucas Tortelli, Head of Real Estate at the GRI Club, started the event with Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA, as moderator. In addition to him, Caio Castro, Partner at RBR Asset Management; Gustavo Zanotto, Head of Innovation at Proptalks; Roberto Hasil, Supply Chain Director at Mondelez and Marcella Torres, Asset Manager at Vivo, participated in the panel as special guests. During the chat, much had been discussed on how technology aims to help companies and bring more agility, accessibility and especially transparency to the commercial real estate market.

"It is necessary to alert the market that technology is transparency, access to data and information", stressed Giancarlo Nicastro. Along with technology, much has been debated on the accessibility to industry data issues and the importance of knowing how to analyze it. It is necessary to transform the market and appreciate the professionals capable of conducting such analyses and transparency in evaluating the participants. "A company without a data professional is a company that is missing opportunities," said Gustavo Zanotto. Another very relevant topic discussed in the panel was how ESG standards, which are enough to change the commercial real estate market, especially regarding buildings, meet tenants' new demands to meet sustainable goals, mainly.

Some buildings will no longer be able to serve companies if they do not adapt and anticipate to have certifications that are not yet part of the decision criteria, but that in a matter of a short time will be fundamental", said Caio Castro. Another highlight of the event was the announcement made by GiancarloNicastro, the relaunch of SiiLA SPOT! Check out the full coverage here!

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