SiiLA announces changes in the company's leadership

Giancarlo Nicastro has taken over as CEO of all SiiLA operations in Latin America. He has worked at SiiLA since the start of the company's operations in the country.

The announcement was made last Friday (17) by Colleen Minde, CEO of the REIX group, of which SiiLA is part. "Over the past six years, Giancarlo Nicastro has shown his ability to lead, transform and thrive as CEO of SiiLA Brazil. I am delighted to announce that he is taking over as SiiLA's LATAM CEO, leading operations in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia," she says.

According to Nicastro, the promotion to LATAM CEO of SiiLA represents a challenge, while it signals the company's commitment to follow the path of growth traced since the creation of the multinational: "SiiLA is now consolidated as the largest solutions company for the Latin American real estate market. We managed to revolutionize the sector, bringing information precision, data standardization and unprecedented analysis to our products, which are now indispensable for companies wishing to operate in the commercial real estate segment in the region."

With extensive experience in the commercial real estate market and experience at major companies in the sector, Nicastro is a Civil Engineer from FAAP with an MBA in Strategic and Business Economic Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Along with Nicastro's announcement as LATAM CEO, Colleen also announced two new developments in the company's Communication & Marketing area and the management of SiiLA's operations in Mexico.

Fernanda Leão, who was then Communication & Marketing Manager in Brazil, will take over the Head of Communication & LATAM Marketing position at SiiLA, responsible for the brand's global branding. For over six years, Fernanda has been with Nicastro, at the forefront of building and strengthening the SiiLA brand in Brazil.

In Mexico, Alejandro Delgado is no longer operating director to take the role of Country Manager. Delgado was the company's first employee in the country in 2018 and will continue to expand SiiLA's presence in Mexico, leading the local team.

By 2022, SiiLA plans to expand operations, with new solutions being developed for Brazil and Mexico, in addition to the launch of Market Analytics, a data and analysis platform for the commercial real estate market in Colombia.