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SiiLA Brasil CEO highlights Vale do Paraíba's potential for logistics

Giancarlo Nicastro was one of the speakers at the FEIRA LOGVALE 2021, held in the interior of São Paulo.

Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA Brasil, joined on the first day of FEIRA LOGVALE 2021 (RM Vale's Logistics and Foreign Trade Fair) on Wednesday, September 22nd. The event is being held in a hybrid format, at the São José dos Campos Technological Park, in the interior of São Paulo, until Thursday, 23rd.

The SiiLA Brasil executive spoke at the panel regarding "Logistic Condominiums in the Paraíba Valley: possibility and differentials in the region's development", highlighting the region's growth potential for the logistics sector.

Nicastro presented data and statistics on the logistics condominium sector in the State of São Paulo and the Vale do Paraíba region, which is part of the company's Market Analytics platform mapping tool.

As the occupancy rate in the region of Vale do Paraíba is still considered low (64%) compared to others in the state, the executive believes that the easy access of the municipalities part of the region to the international airport of São José dos Campos, the port Ayrton Senna and Presidente Dutra highways and the waterways, will be "the great lever for the Paraíba Valley to gain prominence in logistics".

"The data shows us how much the Paraíba Valley still has to grow. Recently, we were in the São José dos Campos mayor's office and visited the logistics warehouses in the region. We believe that there is a demand, which will emerge very quickly", said Nicastro.

"We have a port, good highways, an airport. In terms of infrastructure, we have everything ready and ready for this region to develop in terms of logistics." He concluded.

Organised by the São José dos Campos City Hall's Secretariat for Innovation and Economic Development, FEIRA LOGVALE is free and aims to present new infrastructure solutions, technology and success stories of companies of logistics excellence on a global level.

Access the link for more information. Access the SiiLA Brazil YouTube channel to check out the latest videos from the Inside the Real Estate Market series, in which Giancarlo Nicastro visits the region, or scroll down and press play.

In part I, the executive visits two regional logistics projects to talk about the properties and occupation. The first stop is at the DVR Business Park – Caçapava, Class A+, with more than 130 thousand square metres of leasable area and located at km 134 of Presidente Dutra. The property has vacant modules (, and others are occupied by occupying companies from different sectors: e-commerce, packaging, vehicles, and parts. Then, Giancarlo Nicastro goes to the SJC Logistics Complex, occupied by SOMOS Educação.

In the second part of Inside the Real Estate Market: Vale do Paraíba, Giancarlo Nicastro, CEO of SiiLA Brasil, interviews the mayor of São José dos Campos, Felicio Ramuth, to talk about the investments in logistics that are taking place in the region.

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