SiiLA presents the SP's corporate slabs scenario

On Wednesday morning (27), SiiLA's CEO Giancarlo Nicastro joined an event promoted by CoreNet Global Brazil at Thera Corporate auditorium in the Berrini region in São Paulo.

With the theme "Panorama das Lajes Corporativas", Giancarlo took to the public data and analysis of the office sector in the key corporate regions of the capital of São Paulo. The scenario presented referred to the closing statistics of the first quarter of 2022 from the multinational's quarterly survey.

"The data Giancarlo showed was very enlightening and helped demystify some statements about the vacancy rate of offices in São Paulo. It is clear that offices won't go away; what will change is seeing how we work. It will be to test new occupation models, " stated Renato Fusaro, Vice President of CoreNet Global Brazil. Barzel Properties' portfolio director, Bruno Turaça, also attended the event. Thera Corporate is part of Barzel's assets.

According to SiiLA's Market Analytics platform data, the development is an A+, with more than 28,000 sq metres of private area. Thera Corporate has among its main tenants Kimberly-Clark, from the hygiene and cleaning sector. The building can still be found at SiiLA SPOT, where Barzel advertises slabs for lease.