Sustainable construction grows amid the pandemic

The growth in the number of buildings that adopt sustainability standards has continued even during the pandemic. According to an unprecedented survey by the Green Building, an entity that certifies properties considered sustainable, there was a 22% increase in "green" projects in the comparison between 2021 and 2019. "In 2021, we registered 158 and certified 92 projects," said Felipe Faria, CEO of Green Building Brasil. This number includes new developments and buildings undergoing renovations and renovation, adopting new standards.

There is no single explanation for this growth in Faria's assessment but a set of factors. The first of these is the maturing of the construction sector. Many developers already see certification as a boost to their business, an investment that creates value for their product.

Another important aspect is the diversification of certifications for the different products of the construction companies, whether corporate, residential, industrial, retail, logistical or institutional. There are at least four "seals" that buildings can receive.

A third factor is a geographic expansion, which, in addition to guaranteeing the expansion last year, signals the potential that "green" buildings have in the coming years. The executive cites the case of the Madero restaurant chain, which is close to completing 100 certified buildings in several cities. The movement left the capitals and began to conquer the cities of the interior.