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The change in malls' tenant profiles


Anyone who visits shopping centers must have noticed the growth of spaces dedicated to services, convenience, and leisure taking over old stores. The new mall projects are already being designed to deliver a complete experience, serving the different public profiles that will eventually walk through their aisles.

From coworking spaces to exhibitions by world-renowned artists, malls are undergoing a deep transformation in the mix of stores, accelerated by the lockdown during the pandemic and the growth of e-commerce.

This year alone, the malls have already hosted immersive exhibitions such as Van Gogh (Morumbi Shopping), Renoir (Pátio Paulista), and instagrammables such as Mundo Pixar (Shopping Eldorado). Meeting spaces and even beach tennis courts are increasingly common. There's also Mooca Plaza Shopping, in the east zone of São Paulo, known for its pet area available to visitors.

Data released recently by Multiplan indicate this change. The share of clothing and household items has declined in recent years, while the share of services, sundry items, and food has increased in the projects that make up the group's portfolio.

Traditional malls in São Paulo are adapting to diversify the mix and services offered to consumers. In October, we announced the expansion of Center Norte, which includes open areas.

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