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The future of the largest industrial submarket in Mexico City

By SiiLA México

Mexico City's industrial market has always been, and continues to be, one of the most important; it is known for concentrating highly dynamic logistics and distribution centers (CEDIS) such as those of Amazon and Mercado Libre. As a result of the pandemic confinement, which brought with it a growth in online sales, there was an increase in demand for Class A industrial and logistics space.

The CTT submarket is the largest of the 7 that make up this market and covers the municipalities of Cuautitlán, Tepotzotlán and Tultitlán; it consists of 6.4 million m². The farthest part of CTT is located 50 minutes from Mexico City.

The CTT submarket has been attractive to investors in the industrial sector, hosting international developers such as Hines and Fibra Prologis, national developers such as O'Donnell, Advance, CPA Corporate Properties, Fibra Macquarie, Fibra UNO (FUNO) and BTS Development, and local developers such as Litos. These large industrial players are betting on the arrival and expansion of light manufacturing, e-commerce and logistics companies, mainly; as it continues to be the most resilient sector in the face of the pandemic and one of those that has contributed the most to the country's economic recovery. An example of this is the investments and projects that companies such as Mercado Libre, Estafeta and Liverpool have in the pipeline. In the case of Fibra Macquarie, it is contemplating the construction of two industrial warehouses with more than 68,000 m² for rent.

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